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Our customers include employers and onsite clinics, community health centers, correctional health clinicians, health plans, health systems and direct primary care practices.

See how organizations are using eConsults to improve patients’ access to high-quality care.

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Employers &
On-Site Clinics



“Using RubiconMD, I’m able to validate whether or not a patient would benefit by seeing a specialist and get an unbiased opinion based on current clinical practice.”

Becky Castro, Activate Healthcare FNP


We help onsite clinics provide employees with efficient and high-quality healthcare, helping them to avoid hours of lost worker productivity and to cut significant costs for self-insured employers.



Onsite primary care clinicians address a vast array of clinical issues, and sometimes specialist input is needed to identify best care. Securing relevant specialist expertise can be costly.



Providing onsite PCPs with timely access to specialist expertise expedites employees’ pursuit of needed care. RubiconMD eConsults save measurable time and money for patients and employers.


Community Health Centers



“I am grateful to have access to such a fast, accurate and current clinical eConsult service.”

La Clinica de La Raza Physician Assistant


We help primary care clinicians at community health centers improve access to specialty care by connecting them directly to high-quality and efficient specialty electronic consultations.



Although community health centers provide primary care to all populations, access to specialty care is more limited, especially for uninsured and rural communities.

Safety net clinics often have difficulty maintaining adequate specialty networks and as a result, patients experience long appointment wait times.



eConsults prevent unnecessary waiting and travel time and give patients access to specialty care regardless of their insurance status or income.

Each month, a clinician using eConsults avoids > 19 days of a patient waiting to see a specialist.*

*Based on a study of RubiconMD eConsults sent by Community Health Center Network (CHCN) clinicians


Direct Primary Care



“As a growing practice, I am always searching for ways to save costs while still providing outstanding care. RubiconMD is like having a broad specialty network, and I love that eConsults afford the opportunity to work together to provide better care."

Jeff Gold, MD


We help direct primary care clinicians bring even more value to their patients, increasing the quality of care provided and reducing the cost, in time and dollars, for their patients to receive comprehensive treatment.



Attract patients by offering convenient, high quality care.

Take meaningful steps to address key patient barriers to specialty care, including cost and time waiting for a referral.



Each month, Dr. Gold saved his patients over 29 days waiting for an appointment with a specialist and 2.6 hours seeking care, as well as at least $41 in out-of-pocket expenses.

With each case, Dr. Gold saves patients an average of 6.4 days waiting for an appointment with a specialist and 40 minutes seeking care, as well as at least $9 in out-of-pocket expenses.*

* Based on a study of RubiconMD eConsults sent by Gold Direct Primary Care providers


Health Plans



“The response from the assigned specialist was so thorough, we avoided a referral to a provider located a three-hour drive away. That's a meaningful difference in the ability to coordinate care.”

Dr. Roy Schindelheim, MD
Chief of Staff, Family Practice Physician, George L. Mee Memorial Hospital*

*Dr. Schindelheim is using eConsults via the Central California Alliance for Health.


We help health plans serving all patient populations improve access to specialty care by directly connecting their clinicians to high-quality and efficient specialty electronic consultations, allowing for avoided referrals and/or improved care coordination.



Health care reform has increased the number of insured patients, taxing access to specialty services.

The burden is even greater in rural communities.



Consistent access to quality specialists irrespective of income, geographic location, or condition.

These same day eConsults reduce patient wait times and unnecessary travel.


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