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Virtual Care Case Study Reducing Risk in Primary Care with Virtual Specialists

Published on July 12, 2022  |  By: RubiconMD Clinical Operations Team

eConsult+ improves the quality of care for patients across a range of specialties

For patients needing specialty healthcare, navigating the process of locating and accessing the desired specialist is overly complex and frustrating. Current data shows up to 50% of patients don’t complete their referral to a specialist. The downstream implications of this are poorly managed chronic patients, rising health risks, and higher-cost, avoidable emergent care.

Care organizations can consistently foster high-quality patient interactions that promote patient engagement and improved outcomes. This opportunity lies within a standardized primary care delivery model that integrates virtual specialists into the care team.

Virtual specialty consults allow the primary care teams to stay at the center of patient care while rapidly accessing expert insights from top specialists within a few hours. This allows the specialist to inform the care plan and improve the speed to care for the patient. Data from thousands of RubiconMD eConsults shows that this model is effective across 140+ specialties and sub-specialties.

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See how proactive use of eConsults for diabetes management reduced population health A1c by 1.5% and reduced referrals per visit by 15%.