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PACE Partners

The preferred eConsult partner for the
Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly.

Access 140+ specialties

Rapidly connect to the largest, most extensive, virtual specialty panel

Empower your care teams

Deliver high-quality specialty care from the primary care setting

Reduce the need for outside referrals

Treat patients with expert insights from a virtual RubiconMD specialist

We support PACE providers across the US

Avoid unnecessary services

and referrals 70% of the time.

Improve speed of care

by weeks to months.

Deliver higher-quality

care plans – 80% of the time.

Enable primary care teams

to work smarter, more effectively, and at the top of their license.

RubiconMD can be used to:

  • Ask a question
  • Consult for a patient
  • Improve quality of referrals
  • Gain Insight
  • Interpret a lab
  • Review medications

Reduce total cost of care by $500 per patient, saving on medical and transportation costs.

How it works:

Step 1

The clinician submits a question in the RubiconMD platform.

Step 2

RubiconMD specialist responds within 1-2 hours and answers any follow-up questions.

Step 3

The clinician uses eConsult insights to inform the patient care plan and treat from primary care.

~70% of the time eConsults result in avoided referrals and services.

Get rapid access to the most
extensive virtual care network.

The RubiconMD specialist panel is made up of
board-certified specialists from top-tier
institutions, specifically trained in virtual care.

Empower your primary care team to deliver more
convenient, accessible specialty care.

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Learn more about how RubiconMD supports PACE organizations:

Targeted, proactive disease
management through eConsults

Enable your care teams to better support patients with chronic conditions.


Anticipate care needs for a defined patient cohort


Empower the whole clinical team to deliver specialty care


Programmatically ensure optimal care planning

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Explore real examples of specialty care eConsults providing efficient and effective support for medication review and reconciliation.