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Case Study | Improving Senior Healthcare Quality with eConsults

Published on September 13, 2023  |  By: RubiconMD

Recent patient case studies demonstrate how virtual specialty care compassionately elevates outcomes for seniors.

The tide is changing in healthcare, and it’s being driven by the wave of aging baby boomers. By 2030, 20% of Americans are estimated to be 65 years or older. Many of these adults are living with chronic healthcare conditions, and the need for innovative solutions has never been more pressing. In the latest report from RubiconMD on elderly care: Explore how the “Silver Tsunami” of seniors with complex needs ranging from polypharmacy to cardio-metabolic or mental health conditions is reshaping healthcare. eConsults have emerged as a transformative resource for primary care teams. 

Collaboration between primary and specialty care enables seniors to receive comprehensive, tailored care plans that address their unique needs. Real-world case studies reveal how primary care teams tap into virtual specialty insights, addressing elderly patient issues such as medication management, hospitalization avoidance, and challenging diagnoses. When effective technology meets primary care, PCPs advance access and safety, while reducing unnecessary referrals and long wait times for patients and caregivers.

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Review eConsult cases that show how virtual specialty care addresses issues like polypharmacy and complex diagnoses.

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See how proactive use of eConsults for diabetes management reduced population health A1c by 1.5% and reduced referrals per visit by 15%.