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Our Partners

Together, we are making specialty care more accessible and equitable for all patients.

How partners work

Deliver more effective, value-based primary care

Partner with us to integrate specialist expertise across the care continuum.

Explore how we can help
Explore how we can help

Overcome challenges to value-based care

RubiconMD solutions help you to deliver a better patient experience.

  • Outdated workflows
  • Lack of systems integration
  • Limited resources
  • Fragmented care delivery
  • Lack of patient follow-through
  • Gaps in data
  • Uncontrolled costs
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Up to 50%

of primary care patients referred
to a specialist don’t complete the

The patient bears the burden to navigate their care coordination

They may lack the ability or motivation to schedule/confirm with the specialist’s office.

Patient waits an average of 24 days

Sometimes, it can be months.

Up to 30% of patients have access issues

  • Navigation
  • Coordination
  • Financial constraints
  • Time off work
  • Transportation

This increases unnecessary ER utilization, costs, and poor outcomes.

We can help you increase access to specialty care.

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Integrate virtual specialists into
your care team

Optimize your primary care team’s ability to rapidly coordinate specialty
care for your patients.

Improve patient access

Rapid access to over 140 specialists and sub-specialists

Improve quality of care

eConsults improve the quality of the care plan 80% of the time

Keep PCP at the center of care

Reduce fragmentation and gaps in care

Reduce costs

Avoid unnecessary services and treat within primary care

Prevent network leakage

70% avoided service rate with eConsults

Increase speed of care

Get specialist insights in ~3.5 hours median turnaround time

Promote clinical education

Clinicians learn from top specialists while using eConsults

Manage complex patients

Get comprehensive evidence-based guidance for complex patients

Deliver culturally competent care

Patients retain trust with PCP while accessing specialty care

This is the way we shift the focus away from defensive medicine and begin to improve outcomes for those most affected by systemic inequity that prohibits access to quality care for all.

CHCN Primary Care Physician

Deliver a more convenient patient experience

Remove barriers to specialist expertise with RubiconMD. Our solutions increase access, clinical performance, and speed to care while lowering costs.

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Revolutionize the way you
deliver value-based care

  • Rapid access to specialist expertise in ~3.5 hours
  • Largest, most credentialed specialist panel of 140+ specialties & sub-specialties
  • Improved quality of care 80% of the time
  • Clinical workflow expertise with best-in-class user experience
  • Customization options to integrate specialists into your primary care team
  • Reduced costs for patients and the health system
  • Ongoing CME education support for your clinicians
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Explore real examples of specialty care eConsults providing efficient and effective support for medication review and reconciliation.