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The next-generation eConsult solution for more targeted, proactive care.

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Modernize your primary care model

Integrate specialty care into your model and achieve the Quadruple Aim with


Anticipate care needs for a defined patient cohort


Empowers the whole clinical team to deliver specialty care


Programmatically ensures optimal care planning

Reduce PCP admin

Removes submission and follow-up burden

Improve quality

Address gaps in care or quality measures


Deliver standardized, consistent chronic care

How it works

Targeted, proactive disease

Proven to deliver

Improved quality of care and outcomes for diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic conditions.¹

ROI ranges from 2:1 to 6:1²

ProConsult+ offers a way to further enhance your ROI with your disease management program.

Enhance your disease
management programs

Current clinical programs we are supporting with ProConsult+


Hypertension Management


How it works

Step 1

Determine target population

Step 2

Establish clinical criteria

Step 3

Select patients & enroll cohort in ProConsult+

Step 4

Clinical staff submits consults

Step 5

Specialist reviews cases & provides recommendations

PCP reviews insights & delivers care

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Collaborative, proactive chronic care

With ProConsult+ members of the care team can submit and manage responses
on behalf of a PCP.

Let’s connect about your
population health goals.

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  1. Reynolds, R., Dennis, S., Hasan, I. et al. A systematic review of chronic disease management interventions in primary care. BMC Fam Pract 19, 11 (2018). N nn.
  2. Goetzel RZ, Ozminkowski RJ, Villagra VG, Duffy J. Return on investment in disease management: a review. Health Care Financ Rev. 2005 Summer;26(4):1-19. PMID: 17288065; PMCID: PMC4194913.
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