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Primary Care eConsults for Patients

High-quality specialty healthcare, delivered by your primary care team.

How eConsult works

Convenient access to insights from top specialists

RubiconMD is a platform that connects primary care clinicians to 140+ specialties and sub-specialties.

If your doctor or nurse has questions about your condition, they may submit an eConsult to a virtual specialist.

What is an eConsult?

An eConsult is a secure online conversation between two clinicians. Your care team may use an eConsult to inform your care plan.


The clinician submits a question in the RubiconMD platform


RubiconMD specialist responds within 1-2 hours and answers any follow-up questions


The clinician uses eConsult insights to inform the patient care plan, treat in place, and avoids an unnecessary referral

Your doctor and a specialist may discuss things like:

  • Appropriate tests or next steps
  • Your current medications and options
  • Latest treatment options for your condition
  • Interpret a lab or diagnostic result
  • Resources to manage your care
  • If an in-person visit to a specialist is required

What’s the benefit to patients?

Zero cost.

Your primary care team will get expert advice from a top specialist, informing your care plan, at no cost to you.

Save time.

Your doctor may be able to treat you within primary care, without a referral needed. Or, if you do need to see a specialist, you will have an interim care plan beforehand.

Access to specialty care.

RubiconMD’s specialists are board-certified and every eConsult is quality checked. Specialists deliver evidence-based guidance to provide your care team with insights that inform the best care possible for you.

Expert insights, better care.

Your primary care team is committed to delivering you the highest quality care possible with virtual specialists.
If you have additional questions about eConsults and how they can benefit you, ask your doctor.

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Explore real examples of specialty care eConsults providing efficient and effective support for medication review and reconciliation.