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BHcare: Integrated Behavioral Healthcare

A turn-key collaborative care solution for primary care.

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Deliver higher-quality integrated
behavioral healthcare in primary care

Seamlessly integrate psychiatrists into your care team to deliver more
comprehensive care for patients needing behavioral health support.


CoCM solutions

Improves access

to psychiatrists in ~5 days

Clinically efficient

care model


and reduces referrals


to grow with your program


the patient experience

How it works

Only 1 in 4

patients with behavioral health disorders treated within traditional primary care experience improvement.¹


Collaborative Care is proven to deliver a 50% reduction in PHQ-9 scores as shown by over 80 randomized controlled trials.²

Primary care behavioral health with the

BHcare can be tailored to provide
the level of support you need:

CoCM registry & platform

Psychiatric Consultants

Behavioral Care Manager

Virtual Support Team

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Long-term analyses have demonstrated that $1 spent on collaborative care saves $6.50 in healthcare costs.3

Meet the rising demand for behavioral
health in primary care

Support patients with mild to moderate conditions.




Substance Abuse



Primary care clinicians often lack the time & training to best support these patients.

Only 50%

of patients referred for psychiatric care, follow through and get treatment.

BHcare is an evidence-based solution
for better outcomes

Psych consultation in ~5 days
Patient receives care from trusted PCP
Care team spends 1 hour/week to review 7 patients with psych consultant
Cost-effective and efficient care via PCP with psychiatric guidance informing care plan
Traditional Psychiatry Referral
24 days wait time on average
50% of patients don’t follow through
Care team spends 3+ hours coordinating referral and getting patient records, follow up
Poorly managed patients or inaccurate diagnoses can lead to ED visits
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RubiconMD psychiatrists are board-certified behavioral health experts who are credentialed and licensed appropriately for each state of care.

They are specifically trained to work in a virtual collaborative care setting with primary care teams.

We really love the technology that RubiconMD offers, it’s such an elegant experience and much better than any of the other platforms that we’ve used.

Sam, Behavioral Care Manager at Vytalize Health

Included features & services

We provide seamless integration with your existing workflow and systems.

Clinician Training Program

Onboarding and implementation services

Embedded patient registry & on-platform care

Compliance assurance by state

Ongoing learning & development

Customized reporting for your needs

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