Seamlessly integrate behavioral health into primary care

Give primary care clinicians access to top psychiatrists through a tech-enabled collaborative care model that is shown to improve outcomes.


of adults with behavioral health disorders see their primary care provider 1x per year.

Only 1 in 4

with behavioral health disorders treated within traditional primary care get better.

Only 50%

of patients referred for psychiatric care, follow through and get treatment.

By integrating psychiatry and behavioral health into primary care with a Collaborative Care Model (CoCM), you can improve outcomes for up to 2x as many patients.

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A Virtual CoCM

BHcare allows you to create a virtual CoCM that embeds a care navigator and psychiatrist into your primary care workflow.

Enhance Care Team

Improve Outcomes

Reduce Cost

The BHcare Collaborative Model

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RubiconMD psychiatrists are board-certified behavioral health experts who are credentialed and licensed appropriately for each state of care.

They are specifically trained to work in a virtual collaborative care setting with primary care teams.

BHcare can help improve patient outcomes across the acuity spectrum:







Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse





Capture patients with these conditions earlier for better outcomes.

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Long-term analyses have demonstrated that $1 spent on collaborative care saves $6.50 in health care costs.3

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CoCM is a better way to treat BH patients:

RubiconMD Virtual BH Care

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1 hour/week to review 7 patients with a psychiatrist

correct icon

<2 hours on average to receive timely consultation by a psychiatrist

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Treat-in-place with an enhanced primary care team offers lower costs

Routine Referral Process

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>3 hours of coordination per referral to an outside psychiatrist

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24 days of wait time for an appointment

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Higher costs associated with poorly managed BH patients (ED visits) or inaccurate diagnosis


RubiconMD's CoCM solution focuses on deep clinical integration and helping us to evolve our clinical model and capacity to treat mental health in the future.

— CMO, Accountable Care Organization

BHcare features & services

Included with our platform, we provide these services to protect your investment in collaborative care. We aim for seamless integration with your existing workflow and help you to drive utilization on the platform.

Clinician Training Program

Onboarding & implementation services

Embedded patient registry & on-platform care

Compliance assurance by state

Ongoing learning & development

Customized reporting for your needs

Identify and treat behavioral health early, for better care.

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