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Become a CoCM psychiatric consultant with RubiconMD

Help primary care clinicians treat patients with mild to moderate behavioral health conditions through the collaborative care model.

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Why join the RubiconMD panel?

  • Accessible, equitable care

    Join us in empowering primary care to include access to virtual specialists who provide high-quality care to patients across the country who face access issues.

  • Solving for clinician shortages

    With the state of healthcare provider burnout and turnover at an all-time high, clinician shortages are a major challenge for rural areas. eConsults offer a way to connect patients to specialists, regardless of where they are geographically located.

  • Additional Income

    Responding to an eConsult takes less than 10 minutes on average, while providing supplemental income.

  • Clinician supportive environment

    Responding to an eConsult is similar to providing a curbside consultation to a colleague or friend. On our platform, specialists are able to mimic this with PCPs across the country.

  • Diverse patient populations

    Our specialists provide guidance on a wide range of cases across patient populations that they may not have access to in their own clinical practice, which promotes more accessible care, continuous learning, and support for equitable care.

  • Flexibility

    Many of our specialists continue to practice full-time in a variety of clinical settings. A RubiconMD specialist can answer eConsults from anywhere with a mobile device or a desktop browser.


Our psychiatric consultants find it very rewarding to provide recommendations, training and support to care managers, as well as helping PCPs to build their capacity to positively impact patient lives. Patients go from having limited access to a psychiatrist with excessive wait times to having their primary care team deliver behavioral health support within 5 business days.

Dr. Ludwing Salamanca, MD, PhD and RubiconMD’s Medical Director of Behavioral Health

How RubiconMD psychiatrists interact with PCPs

  • Patient enrollment

    PCP identifies and refers their patient to the Behavioral Care Manager (BCM) to participate in collaborative care

  • BCM evaluation

    The BCM engages with their patient in treatment, conducts a comprehensive evaluation, provides treatment, and monitors them

  • Case presentations

    On a weekly basis, the BCM presents priority patients to the RubiconMD Psychiatrist

  • Weekly case review

    During the 1-hour patient case consultation, the RubiconMD Psychiatrist clarifies the case, and develops and conveys a treatment plan for the BCM and PCP to implement

Become a psychiatric consultant:

  • Educate, train, and coach BCMs and PCPs to increase their capacity to provide behavioral health treatment.
  • 30-minute, ad-hoc consults between the psychiatrist and PCP if further patient discussion is warranted.
  • The treatment team works together longitudinally to provide care until treatment targets are met.

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