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Integrate specialty care into your practice

Expand your Direct Primary Care practice with access to the largest network of board-certified specialists. 

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Enhance your ability to deliver comprehensive care.

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Access 140+ specialties

Rapidly connect to the largest, most extensive, virtual specialty panel

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Improve on-site care capacity

Deliver high-quality specialty care from within the correctional care setting

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Reduce the need for outside referrals

Treat patients with expert insights from a virtual RubiconMD specialist

Get your patients access to quality specialty care, right from your clinic. 

Empower your care team, enhance your specialty care knowledge, and deliver a more convenient patient experience.

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specialties and sub-specialties


improve the care plan


avoid unnecessary referrals

2.5 hr

average turnaround time

Up to


savings per consult



RubiconMD can be used to:

  • Ask a question
  • Consult for a patient
  • Improve quality of referrals
  • Gain Insight
  • Interpret a lab
  • Review medications
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Meet the rising demand for behavioral health in primary care

Support patients with mild to moderate conditions using our team of virtual psychiatrists. We empower you to deliver effective mental health treatments.

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See how proactive use of eConsults for diabetes management reduced population health A1c by 1.5% and reduced referrals per visit by 15%.