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Laolu Fayanju, MD Named Top 50 Value-Based Care Thinker of 2024 

Published on May 22, 2024  |  By:

RubiconMD Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Laolu Fayanju, MD, has been named to Pearl Health’s Top 50 Value-Based Care Thinkers of 2024, which recognizes healthcare providers, policymakers, academics, and thinkers across disciplines who are leading the healthcare system’s transition to value-based care. 

Guiding the Development of Value-Based Care  

Dr. Fayanju drives the clinical vision at RubiconMD, guiding the development of virtual care solutions that integrate specialty support across the care continuum. A staunch advocate for health equity for underserved communities, Dr. Fayanju’s clinical career spans over 10 years as a board-certified Family Medicine physician for Oak Street Health, where he also continues to practice as a primary care physician. 

“I am deeply honored to be recognized as a top value-based care thinker. From my point of view, value-based care stands at an exciting crossroads. The momentum that spurred innovation in primary care now extends into specialty care. We must innovate to deploy scalable models and technologies to extend value-based care beyond PCPs. Empowering primary care providers and enhancing patient-centered care remains a vital goal, essential for delivering value and better outcomes in medicine.”

Dr. Fayanju explains, “At RubiconMD, we’ve undertaken significant efforts to ensure that PCPs have access to the necessary information they need to enable them to extend care beyond the traditional limitations of their setting. Now that allows us to be part of the value-based care agenda that helps deliver patient-centered care. Our eConsults have been very successful in being implemented in all different kinds of care environments. We focus on making sure that rather than reinventing the wheel, we become a cog in the wheel and one that continues to support the work of primary care providers.” Read more about Dr. Fayanju’s perspectives here.

About the Top 50 Value-Based Care Thinkers Report

The creator of the Top50VBC report, Pearl Health, supports primary care organizations and providers in their transition to value-based care and surfaces data and insights that help them deliver better, more proactive care, decrease total cost of care across patient panels, and optimize performance in risk-bearing models like Medicare’s ACO REACH. 

Michael Kopko, Co-Founder and CEO of Pearl Health celebrates healthcare leaders like Dr. Fayanju of RubiconMD. “In 2024, new payment models, shifting risk-bearing paradigms, and technological advancements offer tremendous opportunities for innovation. It’s a big year for value-based care, and we’re proud to honor healthcare leaders who are pushing the boundaries of our thinking.” 

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