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Hey specialists, boost your impact and your earnings.

Published on November 7, 2023  |  By: RubiconMD

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Expertise in specialized fields of medicine is highly sought after yet not always easily accessible. Wait times to see a specialist are 24 days on average, and there are other barriers including cost of transportation and low income. So, it’s no surprise that up to 50% of patients don’t complete their specialty referral. As a medical specialist, this can be frustrating to hear, but there is a way to help patients resolve access challenges in a meaningful way.  

As a RubiconMD virtual specialist, you can spend just 30 minutes to an hour a day sharing your expertise with primary care clinicians. Patients, regardless of their geographic location or financial situation, can benefit from your expertise, ensuring equitable access to specialty care. 

Share Your Expertise and Improve Patient Lives

As a clinical specialist, your knowledge and insights are invaluable. By responding to RubiconMD eConsults, you can provide guidance and expertise to help primary care clinicians make informed decisions. PCPs using our platform report that eConsults improve care plans 80% of the time, which ultimately elevates the quality of care for patients.

Earn Extra Income Educating Clinicians

In addition to the satisfaction of helping patients and clinicians, you have an opportunity to earn extra money. Responding to eConsults in ~10 minutes is a simple yet rewarding way to supplement your earnings while doing what you do best— educating and guiding fellow clinicians. 

Flexible and Remote

The RubiconMD platform allows you to provide eConsults from anywhere, whether it’s on a mobile device or a desktop browser. Our specialists are board-certified actively practicing physicians who serve in various clinical settings and respond to consults when it’s convenient for them.

Be a part of a team that is working to reduce inefficiencies between primary and specialty care. Explore the benefits of joining the largest and highest quality Specialist Network supporting over 8,000 PCPs nationwide. Learn more about RubiconMD’s Virtual Specialist Panel or join us today.

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See how proactive use of eConsults for diabetes management reduced population health A1c by 1.5% and reduced referrals per visit by 15%.