The National
Specialist Panel

The largest and most extensive virtual specialist panel in the US.

Join our team and support 8,000+ clinicians nationwide to deliver higher-quality specialty healthcare.

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  • 140+ specialties

    and subspecialties with 17+ years on average of practice experience

  • 4.9/5

    rated by primary care clinicians accessing the Specialist Panel

  • Top-tier

    trained at renowned academic institutions, hospitals & organizations

  • <2.5 hours

    average turnaround time for specialist insights for PCPs

Why join the RubiconMD panel?

  • Accessible, equitable care

    Join us in empowering primary care to include access to virtual specialists who provide high-quality care to patients across the country who face access issues.

  • Solving for clinician shortages

    With the state of healthcare provider burnout and turnover at an all-time high, clinician shortages are a major challenge for rural areas. eConsults offer a way to connect patients to specialists, regardless of where they are geographically located.

  • Additional income

    Responding to an eConsult takes less than 10 minutes on average, while providing supplemental income.

  • Clinician supportive environment

    Responding to an eConsult is similar to providing a curbside consultation to a colleague or friend. On our platform, specialists are able to mimic this with PCPs across the country.

  • Diverse patient populations

    Our specialists provide guidance on a wide range of cases across patient populations that they may not have access to in their own clinical practice, which promotes more accessible care, continuous learning, and support for equitable care.

  • Flexibility

    Many of our specialists continue to practice full-time in a variety of clinical settings. A RubiconMD specialist can answer eConsults from anywhere with a mobile device or a desktop browser.


Answering RubiconMD eConsults is my favorite part of the day. The patient gets the reassurance that more than one set of eyes is on their case, and the benefit of getting additional expertise without the hassle of another visit, travel, or added expense.

Justin Moore, MD,
Endocrinologist, RubiconMD
Specialist Panel

How RMD specialists respond to eConsults

  • PCP submits an eConsult for their patient

    • Ask a question to gain insight on care plan
    • Interpret a lab result
    • Create interim care plan for patient with access issues
    • Ensure a high-quality referral with appropriate workups
  • Specialist reviews eConsult & responds (~10-20 minutes)

    • Evidence-based, current treatment options
    • Interim care guidance
    • Medication options
    • Needed guidance for a specialist referral
  • PCP provides the patient with a higher quality care plan

    • About 70% of the time, this removes the need for referral or services
    • If the recommendation is an in-person specialist visit, this often improves the quality of the referral.

To see actual eConsult interactions, visit our case library.

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People may not be able to see a Dermatologist for months on end, or they may have to drive 2 to 3 hours to do it. I have diagnosed melanomas using RubiconMD and to think that a person may have had to wait two to three months to get in with the dermatologist, that would be very impactful to their diagnosis and staging, so timely care is very important.

Dhwani Mehta, MD,
RubiconMD Specialist Panel

Ways to get involved - National Specialist Panel

We offer opportunities for specialists to join our panel at various levels of commitment, based on their experience, interest in virtual care, and availability.

Specialist opportunities Time commitment Description

Virtual Specialist


  • Support eConsults on an ad-hoc basis.
  • The volume of eConsults is dependent on inbound requests for your specialty and your availability.

Virtual Educator


  • Support eConsults weekly, plus 1-2 quarterly education engagements in the form of blog or CME webinar.

Virtual Care Ambassador


  • Support eConsults weekly, plus 1-2 monthly education engagements in the form of blog, CME webinars, white papers, panel presentations, networking events, or case reviews.

Specialists are paid per consult on a monthly basis. Specialists who assist with additional off-platform education receive additional pay for their time.

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Specialist Panel FAQ

    What is the commitment required of a RubiconMD Specialist?

    On average specialists are assigned 1-2 consults a day and spend 6-10 minutes sending a response. This number will vary depending on the volume in your specialty and primary care clinician submissions.

    What is the process of responding to an eConsult?

    Once a primary care clinician submits their eConsult, our algorithm assigns it to a specialist. The assigned specialist will have a predetermined window of time to review, then accept or decline the case. Upon accepting a case, the specialist can respond on a mobile or desktop browser.

    What is the liability and malpractice coverage for specialists?

    The primary care provider (PCP) retains sole responsibility for the patient’s care and all decision-making regarding the patient’s treatment. As such, they are expected to exercise independent medical judgment to decide what to do with the information provided by our specialists.

    All contracted specialists are covered under RubiconMD’s malpractice policy and are not required to purchase additional insurance to respond to eConsults. Make an impact with us! Join our team here.

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    What is the compensation for a RubiconMD Specialist?

    Specialists are paid per consult on a monthly basis. All specialists are 1099 contractors; therefore, it is up to the specialist to decide how much or how little they would like to answer consults, to meet their financial goals. The number of consults assigned is dependent upon submission volume by clients.