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Using Lactation Medicine eConsults to Improve Breastfeeding Success

Published on April 2, 2024  |  By: RubiconMD
Lactation medicine can help primary care providers (PCPs) support patients in their breastfeeding journey. RubiconMD connects primary care clinicians and lactation medicine specialists to support the health and well-being of mothers and infants.

Breastfeeding offers considerable health advantages, yet nearly half of US mothers discontinue breastfeeding within six months. Disparities in breastfeeding rates are particularly pronounced among younger mothers and in disadvantaged communities. Today, the American Academy of Pediatrics urges all clinicians to enhance their capacity to support breastfeeding mothers and infants —i.e., the breastfeeding dyad. In response, RubiconMD introduces a new medical specialty: Breastfeeding and Lactation Medicine.

Lactation medicine plays a pivotal role in promoting breastfeeding success. Board-certified physicians in Breastfeeding and Lactation Medicine (BFLM) are trained to manage complex lactation conditions requiring medical evaluations, work-up, diagnosis, and treatment. Through collaboration via eConsults, PCPs and lactation medicine specialists can work together to support the health and well-being of mothers and infants.

Four scenarios where Lactation Medicine eConsults enhance patient care

1. Medication Compatibility with Breastfeeding

Most women use 1 or more medications while breastfeeding and mothers often inquire about the safety of certain drugs. PCPs can ask the lactation medicine specialist to assess medication compatibility, ensuring maternal health needs are met without compromising infant well-being.

2. Concerns about Milk Supply

Many mothers express concerns about insufficient milk production. By consulting lactation medicine specialists, PCPs can identify potential causes and implement strategies to bolster the milk supply, ensuring adequate nourishment for the infant.

3. Managing Breastfeeding Discomfort

Breastfeeding may sometimes cause discomfort for mothers, impacting their overall experience. Lactation medicine specialists offer insights into common issues such as nipple pain or mastitis, providing recommendations to alleviate discomfort and promote continued breastfeeding.

4. Guidance on Weaning

Transitioning from breastfeeding to alternative feeding methods can be challenging. Lactation medicine specialists offer guidance to PCPs on gentle weaning techniques, supporting mothers and infants through this transition period.

Breastfeeding and lactation medicine encompasses a range of evidence-based expertise dedicated to optimizing breastfeeding experiences. By engaging directly with specialists, PCPs can deliver comprehensive, individualized support to breastfeeding mothers. Virtual specialty collaboration championed by the PCP can help empower mothers to navigate their breastfeeding journey with confidence and assurance.

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