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From Start-up to Lift Off; the Next Chapter for RubiconMD

Published on January 10, 2022  |  By: Gil Addo

As a fierce advocate for health equity, this moment in time is thrilling as CEO of RubiconMD. Our organization is more empowered than ever to see through our mission of democratizing medical expertise, for all people, regardless of who they are or where they live.  

A few months ago, Carlos and I were meeting with one of our largest customers, Oak Street Health, regarding fundraising, hoping they would invest in our vision for virtual specialty care. They were so excited about the potential of our new product offering, they offered to help us bring it to life more rapidly, through the acquisition of RubiconMD, making us a wholly-owned subsidiary of their organization. 

Carlos and I were adamant about remaining in our roles at RubiconMD, in order to guide us into the next phase of development and product enhancements for our organization; building out the future of virtual specialty healthcare, with the trusted partnership and resources of Oak Street Health.  Our vision for expanding access to quality specialty care is one step further down the road.  

Now more than ever, I feel a responsibility to not only advocate for those who are most affected by healthcare inequities but to deliver solutions on a mass scale that can change the way care is delivered, to be more convenient, and cost-effective, especially for the most vulnerable populations in the US.  It is unacceptable for any patient to experience a reduction in care quality based on their geography, income level, or skin color.  The inequities in our current healthcare system are what drive us forward at RubiconMD to create practical, technical solutions to connect ALL patients to better care. 

The acquisition of RubiconMD by Oak Street Health opens up a new chapter in the future of virtual specialty care.  With the evolution of our product offerings toward collaborative care models that allow primary care clinicians and their patients to sync up with a variety of specialists for guidance on optimal care plans, in the convenience of the primary care setting.  

What this means for our current and future customers is that RubiconMD now has an improved readiness to help you achieve the triple aim. We are working diligently with Oak Street Health to create improvements in our offerings that we will eventually scale to all of our customers.  We are now primed to develop the future state of virtual, collaborative specialty care. 

Our efforts with Oak Street health will deliver the following for our customers:

  • Workflow and process improvements through an understanding of best practices
  • Protocols that work for specific disease states or patient case-types
  • Tools and tested programs to support clinician utilization of the platform
  • Integration upgrades for new users and sites
  • Platform feature updates to deliver the best possible user experience
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities with true ROI for your organization
  • Clinician and patient education tools to share the value of virtual specialty care

This is an incredibly exciting time for us as we test and define processes that will help shape a hopeful future for value-based care.  We look forward to the journey ahead as we expand our offerings well beyond eConsults and into virtual collaborative specialty care.  We welcome feedback and input from our current customers, as your insights are valuable, this helps us to become stronger together.  Let us know if we can show up in a bigger way for your organization as we aim to deliver the best customer experience possible to you. 

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